Are you suffering from feelings of anxiety, stress, depression, or anger? Are you having problems with a relationship? Sometimes talking with a sympathetic friend or relative and "getting it out" is a way to reduce the associated stress and anxiety. However, there are times that life problems require professional expertise to resolve. This is when psychotherapy can be useful and often life changing. Ray Brown is a Sacramento psychotherapist who can help. Perhaps you want to talk about something too painful or embarrassing to tell anyone you know well. Or, perhaps you are experiencing a relationship problem with a close family member or friend. A good therapist listens to you attentively and without judgment. In addition, a therapist has special training to provide you with the tools and skills for resolving your concerns more effectively.Contacting a therapist is actually a sign of strength, even wisdom. It takes courage to make that first contact. The simple act of making an appointment often provides a sense of renewed hope and empowerment in individuals who want to make changes in their lives.
There is no reason for you to face your pain alone. A trained, experienced therapist can listen and interact in ways that help you get to the root of your emotional concerns.
Your future is in your hands. You have an opportunity to face your difficulties constructively and confidently, freeing you to enjoy all the good things life has to offer.The first step is the hardest. 
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